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New 9-1-1 Emergency reporting System Goes Online January 9th In BCS

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 28 Operators Are Trained for The New System That Will Start on January 9th

Dialing 066 to report an emergency is preparing to be replaced with 9-1-1.  The operators of the Control Center, Command, Communication and Computer (C4), are trained for this new system that will take effect on January 9 of 2017 in BCS.  

Carlos Enríquez Rincón, Director of the C4 centers in the state, indicated that the rest of Mexico will transision in June of 2017.

More Home Protection Tips

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Are You And Your Property A Target For Criminals

This article is for those of you that currently own property in Baja California Sur (BCS) and also for those of you are thinking of house sitting or renting property in BCS.

I write this with some trepidation but I think it needs to be addressed.  Each person has the right to control his or her domain as they see fit within the laws of BCS. It is not our intent to force you to do anything that do not wish to do.

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